What We Provide You

IBMI provides its clients services in two core areas:

  • Organizational, management and human asset development
  • International business development

Our Mission

To provide business enhancement services designed to assist companies exceed their international objectives.

To support organizational and management development through programs designed to improve individual and organizational productivity, competence and competitiveness.

To deliver tailored services that are effective, flexible and cost efficient extensions to existing management resources as its clients pursue their organizational ambitions.

To work with companies in diverse categories that want and need growth and profit through globalization.

Commitment to Client Objectives

IBMI is not satisfied until our clients have improved productivity, enhanced performance and/or forged new profitable business opportunities.

It is a process that works... from project definition to completion...until our client's purpose is fulfilled and goals achieved.

  • IBMI believes that the driving energy behind any organization is its people...that they, acting in a coordinated and effective way, generate products and programs that profitably deliver the company services to the market.
  • IBMI is dedicated to helping companies professionalize their human resources... their people from supervision to senior management positions.

We believe that profits are derived through a unique formulation of people and the products and programs they develop. IBMI is dedicated to helping conceive, enhance and manage maximization of the values inherent in this equation.

Profit = People + Products + Programs