International Services

Global or Single Market Strategies

Whether seeking development of a single country market or a comprehensive approach to global business development, IBMI works with you to evaluate, define and plan resource deployment in relation to opportunities providing a road map for your organization to pursue.

Process Development

  • Understand the needs and wants of our client
  • Define strategy in terms of our client customer's expectations.
  • Define strategy in terms of customer expectations.
  • Develop a connective approach to all aspects of business activity.
  • Assess management's commitment to a strategy and identify solutions where individual and collective approaches are in conflict.

Channel Development and Product Distribution

Some call us "headhunters" of international commercial relationships where we seek the most viable commercial relationships for your business either in a country or region identifying, evaluating, recommending and working with you in developing them to your commercial advantage. From simply setting up sales and distribution networks, our services often include establishment of subsidiaries, developing joint ventures, licensing and other cooperative ventures.

Market Development and Research

  • Assessment of market conditions, competitive and regulatory factors driving and/or restraining development.
  • Provide market research to benchmark and/or factors affecting products, consumers and trade relationships.

By evaluating your current market and product situation, we work with you to define alternative strategies and tactics to better position your company in a market(s), improve the current competitiveness of your products and provide long term planning as a foundation to longer term product positioning and business growth.

Interim Management

Where you do not have the necessary have management resource to deal with short term issues, our associates, qualified to your specific requirements, step in to manage for you until a permanent solution is found, working in accordance with your objectives and the need for a sound basis for future development.

Assessment and Evaluation (Diagnostic Services™)

IBMI works with you to better understand the issues that are driving to restraining your business in one market, regionally or globally, from marketing and sales or operations and systems. We then prescribe solutions for you to act on. Much like a doctor we identify the ailment and suggest a cure. We also provide "benchmarking" solutions in order to monitor and measure business performance.

Advisory and Consultative

Additionally, we offer assistance in:

  • Web site development focusing on a global perspective.
  • Product adaptation to meet the uniquely different governmental regulations and consumer needs in different countries/regions.
  • Due diligence and investigative service... in support of an acquisition, new venture or "unique" business situations.