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Golf Product Innovation


(German Patent pending February 24, 2000... number #200 03 248.4)

  • Application: On all golf clubs (woods, irons, putter, .)
  • Function: Optical aid to align club square in relation to shoulders.
  • How: Lateral markings on the shaft and/or grip. If markings are visible on both sides of the shaft and/or grip, the club is square. If it shows on one side more than the other, the club is either open or closed.
  • Why: A good physical set up and alignment is the foundation for an effective golf shot. Yet, all golfers understand that this is not easy to do. The best clubs are worthless if they are set up differently each time prior to a swing. This optical alignment system allows golfers to align the club each time prior to a swing to optimize the potential inherent in the design and construction of each club.

    It will help beginners and average players to be more consistent in their swing, thus enhancing the direction of each shot and improve their scores.

    It will help advanced players to set up perfectly for fade and draw shots. It provides the basis for improved consistency and overall performance!!!
  • Benefits: Helps player improve consistency, confidence and improved scoring Very low manufacturing cost.... but high added value. Can also be developed as an accessory to mount on existing clubs

The function is very easy to understand - easy to communicate - strong marketing enhancer.

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