Management Programs

Programs are designed to provide an extensive approach to managing through goal setting and understanding transactional analysis. They are best designed for individuals that have already well founded experience in management.

Management programs are externally focused (how to get the best results through others).

Leadership Programs

Extensive development in areas of goal setting, understanding ourselves, developing effective habits conducive to success and taking action. Programs are more internally focused (getting results through the individual)

Supervision Programs

Programs deal with core issues of discipline, performance appraisal, handling employee grievances and complaints, developing new employees and understanding irrational behavior.

Sales Development Programs

Focused on the process of selling, dealing in detail with the components of successful sales people the processes of buying and selling, prospecting, nature of the sale process, completing and controlling each sale, role in completing a successful sale, managing stalls/objections, etc. Professional development skills to support sales cover time management, goal setting, productivity, attitudes, feedback and qualities necessary to achieve success.

Customer Service Programs

Knowing what customers really want, what creates customer satisfaction, techniques for satisfying and cultivating customer loyalty, mastering complaints and difficult situations, how the process is an ongoing organizational responsibility and how this may be achieved through improvements in communication techniques and goal setting as a means of achieving a higher degree of personal and professional success.

Global Team Building

  • Development of global teams from its original position of little communication and mutual support to one in which it acts as a unit to improve mutual commitment and support of organizational objectives and overall company competitiveness.
  • Provide project teams with the process skills to work effectively at a distance and across cultural and communication boundaries.
  • Provides participants with skills in team building, cross cultural communications and other process skills prevalent in a global enterprise.

Culture in the Workplace

Create strategies for adapting one's communication and management styles to other cultures.

Helps individuals understand their own cultural preferences and how to adapt them to diverse cultural experiences in the work place.