Working With You

Fee Policy

IBMI's fee policy reflects our commitment to partnership with our clients.

Depending on the nature and stage of the assignment, we are generally willing to work using a combination of fee arrangements:

  • daily fee rates
  • project fee rates
  • performance fees that relate to our success in helping a client company to implement its strategy - for example, completing a joint venture or technology transfer arrangement
  • equity interests in new ventures that we help to develop

We offer flexibility in creating a fee structure which is consistent with our client's business needs.

To ensure that clients receive the results they want, we proceed step by step, adjusted to the assignment:

The Client Relationship Process

Initial Discussions and background research

  • Identify issues and opportunities
  • Specify priorities
  • Define parameter of potential project[s]

IBMI Proposal

  • Scope of project
  • Methodology
  • Outputs
  • Schedule and fee structure

Client Assignment

  • Research and validation
  • Analysis and conclusions
  • Recommendations

Research and Presentation

  • Written document
  • Presentation
  • Next steps and implementation program


  • Identify and evaluate outside resources available
  • Perform feasibility assessments
  • Exefcute process to achieve objectives
  • Ongoing interface with client to ensure conformity to objectives


Integrated Approach -IBMI recognizes the relationships between all business disciplines in relation to achieving the assigned objective.

Independence and objectivity - IBMI presents a variety of alternative solutions, weighing the benefits of each, but does not have a vested interest in pushing a particular business solution... only the best solution.

Relationship Orientation - IBMI seeks long term relationships with clients as it addresses a variety of business issues...allowing us to broadly appreciate client internal organization, goals and culture.

Affiliated Organizations

ITAP International

IBMI utilizes programs produced and licensed by ITAP for all international organizational programs it conducts.

ITAP International's mission is to assist companies to compete and conduct business more effectively in the global marketplace. The company offers:

  • Cross cultural services to meet the needs of global business and other organizations.
  • Current organizational and individual programs in the field of cross cultural training and consulting.

Participants benefit with practical strategies to address international challenges, how to apply them to achieve enhanced effectiveness and understand profoundly the influence of culture on business and how adaptations will improve communication and productivity.

Sports Group International

Sports Group International is an executive search firm serving client companies in the recreational and sporting goods products industries, including equipment, footwear, and apparel. SGI conducts thorough searches for professional leaders in General Management, Marketing, Sales, Product Design, Development and Sourcing, serving in US and International locations. Our mission is to 'Support the Success of our Clients.

PSi, Inc. is a focused, client-centered consulting firm incorporated in New York with an associated company in India. PSi has worked with approximately 10 per cent of the Fortune 500 that have entered India since 1989, and has been associated with a number of major success stories. PSi has also assisted several international venture capital firms in identifying opportunities in India, and has invested in or incubated several successful ventures in India. More information on PSi is available at